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Innovation from Decades of Experience

About Us


APE officially began in 2006, although the impetus for its creation began decades earlier.

Its objective is to provide innovative loudspeaker suspension hardware to overcome the challenges of the fixed installation market.

The installations of primary focus are those in buildings that are not installation-friendly. While our hardware is an advantage to most installations, it is of special benefit to the following:

  • Installations that require unobtrusive rigging.
  • Installations where precise aiming angles are not known.
  • Installations with difficult access to structural connections.This condition frequently exists above ceilings because of the jungle of other building elements like conduit, ductwork, sprinklers and ceiling support systems.
  • Installations with low overhead clearance.
  • Where ceiling penetrations are necessary, the benefit to all of the above is multiplied.

The APE philosophy is to rely on readily available hardware, as much as possible, where it is safe to do so. This is especially important today in the age of high materials and shipping costs.

The APE Hanger™ and related hardware, is the quintessential example of this philosophy. It relies on purpose-built components and special materials where it is most beneficial to do so. The APE Hanger™ then incorporates generic, locally available, and time-tested materials, where it is more economical yet safe to do so.

Taking advantage of such products as schedule 40 steel pipe and framing systems like Unistrut to form the XYZ positioning, and the APE Hanger™ to provide the Pan Tilt and Rotation adjustments, a speaker array of almost any configuration can be constructed. For hanging speakers, this constitutes a winning combination that is both economical and fast.