CHAIN Monkey™ Suspension Systems

Speaker Rigging Systems


  • Single point suspension
  • Pan, Tilt and Rotation adjustable…on the fly
  • Any speaker array configuration while retaining individual speaker adjustment

CHAIN Monkey™ speaker rigging SYSTEMS, utilize the CHAIN Monkey™ chain adjuster/end termination FITTING, to provide adjustable chain attachments to the speaker. It is hands down, the fastest, most versatile method to prepare a speaker for suspension. Worried about rising shipping costs? The System ships in a 4x6x8 inch box and weighs under ten pounds.

Because the CHAIN Monkey™ incorporates the same stem assembly and structural attachment methodology as the APE Hanger™, it has most of the advantages of the APE Hanger™. This is a common characteristic of all APE systems.

Please review the APE Hanger™ page for details with illustrations.

Structural Connection and Framing Systems


  • Integrates Grade 80 chain and Unistrut
  • Fast, reliable connections to structure
  • Versatile, lightweight frameworks for speaker arrays.

CHAIN Monkey™ structural connection and framing SYSTEMS, utilize the CHAIN Monkey™ SC chain grab FITTING, to provide seamless integration of 7/32” Grade 80 chain and framing systems like Unistrut.

For short spans and/or light weight speakers, the use of framing systems like Unistrut is sometimes the preferred beam material over steel pipe.

The Structural Connection Systems allow framing channel to be quickly and reliably connected to the most difficult structural members.

The CHAIN Monkey™ Framing Systems provide elegant solutions for vertical and/or horizontal speaker arrays.

The real beauty of these systems, is that the larger materials required to produce them are locally available and inexpensive.



  • Q: What is the vertical pipe that the loudspeaker is attached to?
    A: 3/4 inch schedule 40 steel pipe. 1.05 inch outside diameter. This IS NOT thin wall conduit.
  • Q: Do you supply the 3/4inch down pipe?
    A: No, it is a User provided component. The length of this pipe determines the elevation of the loudspeaker above the floor. Since this need can range from very short to very long, it is best purchased locally by the user.
  • Q: Where can I purchase the 3/4inch down pipe?
    A: At any plumbing supply outlet or industrial supply house.
  • Q: Are your systems suitable for Outdoor installations?
    A: Our systems are intended for Indoor controlled environments only.