Q: What is the vertical pipe that the loudspeaker is attached to?

A: 3/4 inch schedule 40 steel pipe. 1.05 inch outside diameter. This IS NOT thin wall conduit.

Q: Do you supply the 3/4inch down pipe?

A: No, it is a User provided component. The length of this pipe determines the elevation of the loudspeaker above the floor. Since this need can range from very short to very long, it is best purchased locally by the user.

Q: Where can I purchase the 3/4inch down pipe?

A: At any plumbing supply outlet or industrial supply house.

Q: Are your systems suitable for Outdoor installations?

A: Our systems are intended for Indoor controlled environments only.

Q: Are your systems custom or in stock?

A: Our systems are semi-custom in that they are configured from pre-finished components. At the time of your order we configure these components for the specified loudspeaker.

Q: What type of loudspeakers are your systems suitable for?

A: Our systems are only supplied for loudspeakers that are intended for overhead suspension.

Q: What information do you need to supply a Quote?

A: We need the the make and exact model of the loudspeaker you intend to use. We also need the orientation (Vertical or Horizontal) as well as color (Black or White)